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SINCE 2019
Welcome to Coal Black Bison Corp. Proudly based out of Sturgeon County, Alberta, Canada. The name comes from the legendary coal black bison, named Old Logan . Old Logan was a giant in the 1800s believed to weigh in at a near 3000 pounds . As the legend has it ,farmers kept trying to capture him and take him out ….Old Logan was shot at and scarred up all over his body, half his tail was missing . Old Logan could not be taken out. He went down into the history books as one of the largest , coal black , resilient bisons in history!
Cofounders Landon and Aurore Kolesar both love bison and are proud to be part of the bison industry . Landon ,second generation bison rancher has a passion to raise healthy and well maintained bison. Aurore ,who is also a stylist, and at home mother of two ,also has grown to love the bison industry . Aurore maintains the social media and marketing. Together they strive to educate themselves to be able to provide the highest quality in their bison products.
Offering premium bison products , that are raised naturally, free of hormones , steroids, and antibiotics. The product is also nitrate, and nitrates free. Wet aged for a minimum of 21 days. Coal Black Bison Corp not only provides bison meat sales, they offer custom feeding and finishing, breed stock and branded merchandise. Also providing export services.
Thank you for your interest and please feel free to follow along with Coal Black Bison on Instagram and Facebook

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